Today my Mother and I were on one of our real estate adventures in the rain. We were out taking photos of new listings that just could not wait any longer for a sunny day to have their photos taken. My shoes were wet and there was a squelch to my clothes. Photo-taking in the rain is fun. Not. So as the rain lightly drizzled I directed Mum to park just above the final property so I could shoot it from above. Wait here, I said.

I jump out of the car and stepped off the curb in front of the car. I was already lining up the first photo through the viewfinder. Then I bumped my butt against the bonnet of the car a little. I think to myself, whoops, clumsy, must have fallen into the car. As usual. Then I notice I’m being slid along the car and up the side panel. I do a bit quick manoeuvring and jump out of the way just as the side mirror clips MY side.

I swing around to look at my Mum and she’s not overly concerned. A little surprised sure but mostly laughing her butt off. She gives me a shrug as if to say, what can you do, huh. I give her my best, you’re mad look and shout, ah Mother you almost run me over at her. Going about my business getting the photos I needed so I could get out of the rain. It just slipped, she called from within the car. Lucky I didn’t get your foot, she chuckled.

Lucky indeed Mother!

Some daughters do have ’em.

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