It wasn’t that long ago, while I was at ProBlogger actually, that I was showing off this skirt with a fitted peplum top and a chunky necklace. You’ll notice the photos are in the same place, same hair and make-up. Originally I’d planned to wear this orange blouse with the skirt but decided I was just too in love with the peplum not to use it as usual. But Hubby had already snapped a few photos, so I thought, oh what the heck, I’d share them anyway. There’s something a bit more casual about this, even with the heels. I should kick the heels off, grab some chunky bangles, and I’d be set for all manner of casual get-togethers.

Don’t you think?

I don’t know about you, but an item of clothing needs to work WITH my wardrobe. I’m very, very selective about what fits in and what doesn’t. Sometimes I get caught up in, oh wow, I LOVE that, then I realise that it just won’t fit in. Sure it’s beautiful, sure it may never be sold again, but what matters to me is that I can mix and match it with what I own and get used out of it. One look items annoy me, to be frank. If I can only wear a top with certain pants or blah blah, I don’t want it. My wardrobe is more about classic, staple items that I love.

Blazers, pencil, skirts, jeans, maxi skirts, dresses and workwear. That’s primarily my wardrobe. Sure, I add an item here or there. But they are normally cheaper, more ‘trendy’ items. I don’t like spending lots of money on something that I will wear for a few months, in a particular outfit and then will get rid of. I’m brutal with clothes I don’t wear. They get packaged up, shipped off to relatives, charity shops or buyers on eBay. If I don’t wear it, it goes. Full stop. A little while ago, a friend asked if I had any cocktail ball type gowns she could borrow for an event. Sure I said, I’ll take a look. It turns out I had none to offer because I’d sold or gifted them all.

I don’t really DO balls…

My point is that I like items I can re-style. This skirt is pretty darn awesome at that. The colours in print alone make it very versatile. The length and shape make it work on most occasions. So it gets to stay. It’s a two thumbs up from me for this skirt. This blouse is the same. I wear it to work, and I wear it with jeans; I wear it tucked in, unbuttoned, with and without the camisole under it. I love items that can be recycled over and over again. What can I say? It comes down to one thing, I’m a tight ass, really.



How would you wear this floral skirt?

Blouse – Crossroads {no longer in store}
Skirt – Virtu {gifted}
Shoes – Emerson for BigW {no longer in store}

{some brand associations exist, please see my disclosure policy}

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