It sort of looked like this. But worse. This was building the fence. Le Sigh.

The Suger household was expecting a new arrival in March this year. The arrival of my baby girl Blue. This impending arrival required one simple thing of Hubby, to clean out the garage. The rakes and shovels that lined the walls, karate chopping anyone who dared to tread too close. A karate chop to the side of the new car just wouldn’t do. an agreement was made with four weeks to spare, the garage would be cleaned out, cleaned up and the junk gone.

Enter project shed.

Hubby decided that to store all this millions of shovels he would need a shed in the backyard. Happy to oblige and hoping it would sort out the chaos. A shed was ordered, a position decided and all systems were go. Until, well, they weren’t. The big day arrived and we bought our new car home, my side of the garage was tidied, for sure, but cleaned up and out? Nope. Hubby was dispatched, once again, to actually pick up the shed.

Soon after it arrived, so did metres and metres of dirt. Dumped unceremoniously in our front yard. Sorry neighbours, we’re building the worlds largest dirt castle in our yard. Hope you’re ok with that. Sadly, not for the first time. This would probably be the fourth. But, you know, if your neighbours can’t deal with your antics, you should probably move. Or build a really big all-inclusive fence.

The dirt was made into a flat base for a slab for a shed to live on. Progress, huzzah. Unfortunately, here we are quite some time later. My car is already late for the first service and that is where work has stalled. But do not despair Sugers, the grass hasn’t even grown through the trails of dirt in the front yard yet. There’s still time.

After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Right?

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