Well, it has been over two months now since blogger broke my heart and forced me out the door. And I thought I’d write a little review post. Not, yet another Blogger vs WordPress post, but a post about my experience changing over. A change over I never planned to make. My blog is a personal/lifestyle blog, not a saleable asset, so I had no intention of taking it somewhere so technically complicated as WordPress.


Things I love, now I’m here;


  • The editorial calendar, scheduling posts has never been easier {not that it didn’t take ages to work out why posts were not delivering properly, turns out my time zone was set wrong!}. I use it all the time, especially for Friends of Suger and give away posts.
  • The ease of the embedded comment system.
  • The WordPress app is all kinds of awesome. I can reply to comments, check the stats and post {easily!} from my phone or iPad. Simple.
  • If I can think of it, there’s probably an app out there that can do it!
  • Turns out, once you get used to it, it’s not that much more difficult than Blogger. the technical stuff is, the posting isn’t.


Things I miss about Blogger now that I’m here;


  • The community of people. I feel a little more out on my own here. It could be in my head, by my Blogger blog always had more comments.
  • Inserting a million photos at once thing. If there’s a way to do that in WordPress without it ending up a gallery, I’d love to know.
  • I’m in charge of security here. That worries me. Like, every day.
  • The change your background image function. Sigh. I miss having a background SO bad and am still to learn how.


There you go. As plan as I can put it. I miss my Blogger friends, they simply don’t visit as much any more. But I love my new home, I finally have a design I like and WordPress seems to rank better in page view type things. Does anyone know why this is? Is it because Blogger doesn’t own the first half of the URL?


So, tell me, Blogger or WordPress for you, and why?



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