We were talking about it today, the restorative power of the beach. It’s ability to wash away your cares and bring you back to yourself like nothing else. My father believes it has to do with the salt air, the power of the ocean, the sunshine. He’s probably right. There is magic at the beach. You can go for a day and it feels like you have been on vacation for a week. A week and it feels like a month. There’s magic in that. Even living surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world {Rainbow Beach, Inskip Point, Mooloolaba and Maroochydore} not once has that ever made me complacent to its beauty and power. To what it does for me.

This week in the Aussie Curves post people noted how relaxed and happy I looked. How restored. That can only be put down to one thing, the beach. And maybe to a lesser extent my family and a week without the pressures of anything. For a whole week I floated in the ocean, ducked below the crashing waves and soothed myself. Let my troubles seep out of me into the ocean to be carried away. I laughed and swam. I frolicked and trusted my body to deliver me safely back to the shore. I grew more confident in myself, I trusted what I know. I turned my face to the sunshine and soaked it in.

Did you know there are a ridiculous percentage of people in Queensland who have a Vitamin D deficiency?

Slip, Slop, Slap won. But didn’t, you know. Random fact. My Dad’s Doctor told him that.

Now I am ready for whatever comes next. I make plans and etch out ideas in my notebook. That is the best part about this time of year, the crackling energy of the possibilities of a new year.  Thanks to the ocean, the beach, I enter this time of year with a clear head, a singular focus and an idea of what is next for me. A determination to kick some butt in the gym, to offer my body whole foods as sustenance  to laugh and love and enjoy the people around me, to sink my teeth into something challenging career wise.

Do you feel this way about the beach? Or is there somewhere else for you to go to restore yourself? 


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