I know, right? Such a riveting headline HAS to draw in the crowds. I am clearly doing blogging all wrong if I must rely on such tactics to draw in my readers. But really. Today I’ve jut sat down, computer on and at the ready and started to type. So this post came from nothing. Came from the blankness in my brain and is being delivered to you. Aren’t you lucky. So it’s a post about nothing. But then by its very existence it’s about something. Even if that something is nothing, if you get what I’m saying.

You probably don’t. I’m not sure I do any more.

Lately, to change subjects, I’ve been learning a bit about what it takes to create a team. I’ve watched one be built, torn apart and built again. I’ve watched a coming together of people to help each other, to lift them up {off the floor mostly, but hey, lifting is lifting} and set them on the path to success. It’s happened almost organically. It’s a wonderful thing to see, people working together. It makes for a happy place to be. Cohesive. Strong.

I saw a similar thing at my WW meeting last night. Our leader had been locked out of the venue up until 15 minutes before the start time. As each of us walked in, we put our bags down and immediately stepped in to help. There’s community there. A team. We created by sharing ourselves with each other. I think that’s the secret to teams. People working together because they care, are connected to each other and want good things for everyone else too.

Our leader gave out this AMAZING quote card {pictured above} attached to a bag of sunflowers seeds. Not for a snack, but to plant and watch grow and nurture just as we are nurturing ourselves. Great lesson, really, a great, great lesson. I’ve been thinking about it all night. The line that says ‘Eat well and exercise because you deserve to be strong and healthy…’. Give that a minute to sink in. Really. I DESERVE IT. YOU deserve it. Could that really be the underlying issue? Can’t make it to the gym because someone or something else is more important… Well maybe that’s what is hidden underneath.

Let’s ponder that for a sec.

Actually, I’ll leave it with you.

Maybe it’s what’s there for you?

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