There’s a few things that I’ve been thinking lately that don’t really warrant their own post. Half thoughts and ideas that I decided might as well be tipped out here. So it’s random rambling time. For those of you who haven’t been around for a random ramble it’s just a post where I prattle on about whatever takes my fancy, jumping here there and everywhere, wherever my train of thought takes me. So people enjoy them. Lots. Some, I’m sure, are more like whatever Suger show us an outfit and quit waffling on. So here’s hoping your in the former camp or this is going to be a sad old-time for you.

At work the other day we were talking about the feel of an office; the atmosphere and vibe. I jokingly said welcome to my aura, that I create this happiness bubble around me and that they should all thank me for that. Well, you know, unless I’m cranky than watch out as the storm clouds build and pouring rain dumps on your head. My Dad once said to me that I should be careful as I didn’t realise the impact I had on people around me, how I impact them with me attitude.

I think now he was trying to tell me to use my powers for good, not evil. Maybe my Dad thinks I’m Spiderman or something… That’d be cool. 

Today it was inferred that I was selfish and that  having children would help even me out a little. It got me to thinking that a. some people are jerks and b. parents are probably the most selfish people out there. Sure they do selfish in terms of it’s all about them and their kids. But still, selfish en masse. It’s an economy of time thing, I’m sure, but try to tell me that the most helpful people, the ones always willing to put up their hand for a job or to help you out are the ones without kids. Maybe I’m wrong but think about it. Have I just turned the entire people without kids are selfish thing on its head? Perhaps. You decide.

Do you work in an office? Do people in your office have a problem with losing pens, or having them pinched anyway? Around here we have big problems with pens going missing. The label maker has been getting a work out as people label their pens and pencils so that the culprit can be hunted down and killed. Errr, I mean found and made to suffer. I mean, return the pen. People get pretty possessive of their pens. I like to call them liquid gold, inky liquid gold but I then I thought today, perhaps pen ink is more comparable to oil. Texas tea or so the Beverly Hills hill-billies say. Don’t you think?

My husband, the Hubby as he’s known around these here parts, is a funny guy. Funny haha AND funny strange. It’s one of my favourite things about him. People take a liking to him almost instantly and he’s just so easy to like. And of course, he’s not that as well. I was thinking the other day how much I differ from the person I thought I’d be and how different he is to the man I thought I’d marry {though the wide shoulder and muscled arms are the same. Ha!} and how life just goes how it goes. you never know, right? Thank goodness I was born under a lucky star and don’t mind a bit of hustle. Luckeeeeeee!

So that’s about it. I’m all rambled out. Phew. Is there anything that you need to get off your chest? Tell Aunty Suger. 

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