I am often complimented when I post outfit photos. I’m vain so I like the feedback. Feed me, feed me ego style, you know. But the reality of it is that most of the time I have at least 50 photos to pick the 7 or so for the blog. I do this three times a week, at least. Sometimes things work and sometimes, well, they don’t. But given that I am pretty okay with unflattering and ridiculous photos of myself by now {refer the 50+ photos a post times three posts a week thing above} I thought I would share them with you. I’ve also started a file for future funny ones and as soon as I have enough for another post, I’ll share that too.

Keepin’ in real folks.

Well, as real as outfit photos where I have make-up on, my hair done (usually) and nicer than normal clothes on is real. A shiny version of reality, you know? As an aside, if you want a way to accept your appearance for everything you are AND everything you’re not, outfit photos are a great way to do that. I mention that because I met this gorgeous woman the other night. Seriously, she’s got THE BEST face, hair and skin and a cute little hourglass shape. She was saying she didn’t like anything about her appearance. All I could stutter out at first was, you have no idea how sorry I am to hear that.  Then I said she should try it. I told her that I got over being critical of myself after a while of taking photos of myself all the time. There just didn’t seem to be a point.

The proof, my friends, is in the ridiculous pudding. Enjoy.

The one with one leg and crazy jazz hands pose.

The one with the rabbit teeth f-bomb face.


The one where I look like I need to pee.


The one where I’m doing that thing with my face.


The one with the sneeze.


The one Dani took, which is CRAZEEEEE. A whole lot of madness going on here.

The one being photobombed by blower-vac man.

The one where I’m falling off my own heels.

DSC_0222The one with A LOT of wind.

And you thought it was all glamorous and stuff. You were wrong. Haha. 

The end.

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