Last week when I went to the Potable talks/Lookbook.nu event I wore one of the dresses gifted to me from the hot hot ladies of the 17 Sundays brand. They have a new range at the Iconic featuring basics that will rock your socks. Mine was rocked, let me tell YOU. This dress is now an essential part of my wardrobe. You guys know me and stripes, right? Well anyway, I wore the dress to have an excuse to get some photos to show it to you all. Then forgot to get photos.

Luckily I didn’t take the photos because instead of sexy Rexy heels I was dashing around the state library in flip flops. They were cute and white and gave the outfit an adorable casual flavour, but this dress, on its first blog debut deserves some heel action. And given these heels are almost exactly the same colour as the pink in my Wilderness necklace {are you sick of this one yet?} then what else could I do? My hands were tied.



Sometimes on this blog, you see recreations or pre-creations. I hope that’s ok with you. I always wear the outfits, but not always at the time you see them. It occurred to me talking fashion blogging that this isn’t necessarily the way things are done. Whoops. Awkward. So I wanted to mention it, in the name of all things full disclosure. From now on I’ll try to mention it. As in, worn, not worn. Unless it really doesn’t matter to you, then just let me know.

I see the point for only posting outfits as you wear them, seriously, personal style isn’t something that you dress up in then return to the house. Personal style is something you share with the world as a bit of a flag for who you are. And sometimes my life just isn’t that interesting and I can have fun new outfits hanging on hangers for weeks before I have a chance to wear them. And that makes for a dull old blog. I guess for me the middle ground is that I wouldn’t post something here I wouldn’t wear out. Or haven’t.



This all-over, body con type fit, stripe action took a couple of wears to get used to. I was a bit nervous and conscious of the visible curve of my stomach and the possible {errr, probable} rolls at my back at first. I’m not usually this out there in terms of figure-hugging. But you know what, I like it. This is me throwing caution to the wind and wearing what I want.  To hell with them. I wear a lot of figure-hugging pencil skirts but usually in layers with a top with a blazer. It was freeing and not to mention loads cooler to go without.

The stretch and the density of the fabric of this dress make it possible without feeling exposed. I’m a size 20/22 mostly and this dress is a size L. I mentioned in the earlier post with the adorable blue and white stripe dress that I would size down next time. It’s not the case here. The fabric is completely different and doesn’t have the laid back casual cut of the other dress. If anything, for a more relaxed fit, I might go up a size. Just an FYI for those shopping at home.


Dress – 17 Sundays BASIC {gifted}
Shoes – Torrid
Necklace – TS14+ {gifted}

{for more information see my disclosure policy}

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