Well I may be about to head off to DAY ONE of the ProBlogger Training Event but that doesn’t mean that I have forgotten you all! It’s a Friday and since I didn’t have anything to say I thought I’d share a new outfit with you. A sort of daggy but sort of not outfit. Comfortable because of the layers of bodycon with added wow from a pair of killer heels. It’s pretty much me in an outfit. Right down to the hair that’s gotten out of control and very little makeup.

People talk a lot about how fashion is fun and I believe that wholeheartedly. If you trust your gut, find a style you love and are proud to wear it then no one can get in the way of you having fun. Too many people think that it’s up to them to decide what someone else should or shouldn’t wear. They start with the small, more socially acceptable forms {everyone says no leggings as pants, right? Well poo-poo to that!} and build up until anything too high above the knee makes you a slut and buttoned up tops make you a prude.

Maya Angelou said “Let nothing dim the light that shines from within”. Nothing at all.

Don’t listen to all the rules, make up your own. Do what makes you happy, wear something that says something about you. Sure clothes and things and other stuff don’t define us but use it as an expression. Use it to show people a small glimpse into who you are as you walk on by. Have some fun. Like that amazing woman said, let nothing dim the light that shines from within. Nothing. A bit deep for a Friday morning, but yeah. NOTHING.

And with that I bid you good day. I’m off to let my light shine with 450 fabulous bloggers. 450 people committed to letting their light shine from within. 450 people who just nod and smile when you tell them about how your family still wonders a little why it is you get paid to do what you do. 450 other people who are dying for the chance to be ourselves wholly and freely with our peers.

The wait is over, ProBlogger, here I come. 

Top Dress – Alphabet T-Shirt Dress – ASOS Curve {Sold Out}
Bottom Dress – Bodycon Dress – 17 Sundays
Scarf – 17 Sundays {gift bag}
Heels – Target Australia {gifted}


Dark dingy photos and yellow hair brought to you by new car park lighting.
Thank goodness winter’s behind us and inside pics will soon be a thing of the past. 


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