I’ve been going to the gym for a while now. I look smaller, more compact. People assume I have lost weight. I really haven’t. A kilo or two maybe. Tops. And after a lifetime of weighing and measuring and falling further and further behind the eight ball, it feels nice to be gaining ground. It’s nice to feel fitter, stronger and more balanced. Reliable and dedicated. It’s just nice.

And now it’s time to lose some weight. I’ve been looking into dedicated programs. Making some plans and pretty soon all will be revealed. There will be more of a focus on food, because let’s face it, there needs to be for weight loss. With a continuing dedication to the gym {and my gym buddies, hi Ac and Flick} and living sugar-free. I’ve been pretty slack with sugar-free lately. Getting lazy with saying no. Saying yes too often. You know, that sort of thing.

I’ve taken a break and now it is time to knuckle down for a while. While keeping in mind that my value isn’t related to my weight. that my health is the most important thing. And mostly how good it feels to get lighter every time I step onto the treadmill. That stuff feels gooooood. Pressure and stress and angst. Doesn’t. So wish me luck.

More to come.

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