Insert yet another shot of my sneakers here, or not. Whatever. 

Today I took my gym bag packed with work clothes, a towel and some pr sample shampoos, body washes and deodorants and got to the gym about 7am. It was day one. It felt like the first day at school, but of course, I’ve been here before. I’ve started the gym before; once when I was 16 and again when I was 21’ish. And a few ladies circuit gyms in between. I had my orientation yesterday. I was ready and excited to start. To take my 5km challenge to the next level. To kick some gym butt!

But before I even started, the thing that annoys me most reared its head. And when it comes to annoying things this is a BIG one. It is when anyone {in this case, the trainers} underestimate my abilities because of my size. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s an unusual combination to be the size I am and have a first day at the gym starting point that I do. I’ll give them that. Safety first and all that, they may have doubts on my abilities. But don’t vocalise them. Lock them in your little trainer brain and don’t tell me about them. After all isn’t it your job to motivate, push and challenge me? Or at very least to test me before tucking me quickly in the fat and therefore lazy box?

And unsurprisingly, after telling me to take it easy, only do what I could and to especially be careful not to exert myself, I declined their offer of personal training sessions. At an additional cost, of course. I went for an alternative I’m happy with. I’m working out with my sister. I’ll do the same program that her and her friends are doing. Because I know, my sister will never underestimate what I can do. I’m hoping that this demonstration won’t go un-noticed and maybe I’ll get my own plan suitable for my current level of fitness not some preconceived notion about it.

So this morning I worked out with my sister. It was only the sit ups with the medicine ball that I couldn’t manage the same amount of reps as she was doing. Not that I’m being silly. When the weights were too heavy on the first rep, we lowered them by one and found a happy level. When I was literally crying doing sit ups, we took a break. I’m calling it common sense training. We are both incredibly excited to watch what happens from here. We have visions of trim, taunt and terrific.

So. Watch this space!

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