Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new work uniform. Easy to wear, comfortable, presentable and a wee bit stretchy for all those hours sitting on my butt in front of a computer screen. Now clearly this is for my work from the home personal business side of my work where I predominately work at home. When I have to go out I’m usually found in a cafe or someone else’s business. The best part about my business is that I can be myself, have some fun with my outfits and still get the work! Win.

This floral blouse is my new most favourite thing ever. My Mum and I were checking out the sales rack at Autograph last week and this beauty was there {what a travesty, right?}. There was an 18, a size 24 and a 26. Mum and I both tried on the 18 and we’re about to paper, rock scissors for the blouse when I had the bright idea that I would size up a few and be able to wear it more as a tunic top. I am, after all, obsessed with Ponte pants and tunic tops at the moment.

Plus when Mum bought the 18 it was like I got two blouses for the price of one.

She’s generous like that. The tunic look with an oversized top is one of my hot tips this season. Size up {if possible, believe me, I’ve been a size 26/28 when sizing up is damn near impossible} and benefit from the extra length and looser fit. Trust me on this, it’s fail-proof and can be belted or not. Whatever your shape or size or thing.

And did you happen to notice just how perfectly it goes with my Shutterbag camera bag!? Oh you did, did you? Great! I received this bag from Dani. After threatening on numerous occasions to steal it when I visited her place last year, then carrying my new camera around in a Tupperware lunch bag {surprisingly effective}, she decided it would make the perfect gift for my 30th birthday! Score. Such an awesome present it’s now my go-to work bag since, if I squish it in, my new MacBook Pro fits in the rear compartment.

My iPad as well if I need all hands on deck. Winning!

So that’s my go-to work look. Comfortable, modern, a wee bit stylish with a big bag {not too big} to fit everything in. Oh and wedges. Always with the wedges because they’re just so darn comfortable and easy to wear. I’ve just about got this thing all figured it. It took me a while. Trust me! Phew.

Sometimes outfit photos are fun, sometimes not so much {usually we are in a rush or bordering on running late and there’s someone cranky about that}. Sometimes no matter how good hubby gets on the week, the next he cuts my shoes off or says it’s a gorgeous photo when I’m not even in focus. Relationships are hard work, relationships that involve countless outfit photo opportunities, probably harder. The worst part is he knows that I know that he knows that I owe him one. Or fifty. And he’s not afraid to call in a favour. Sigh.

Blouse – Autograph
Ponte Pant – Target {gifted}
Wedges – Emerson for BigW
Bag – Shutter Bag


Now tell me {because I’m going to steal your ideas} if you worked from home and cafe’s, what would you wear? 

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