I looked around me and despite it being Winter spring colours are alive and well in my home town. People have well and truly relished the influx of neons and brights and pastels. As I look around it makes me smile. I feel part of it in my stripe skirt with hot pink band along the hem. We all know spring is coming. And that we couldn’t wait. We all know that even grey Winter days are better in coloured jeans. Or tops. Or carrying a hand bag. It impacts my mood. Lifts me up. Puts a little pep in the old step.

You know what I mean right?

It makes me think of the colours they tell you to paint walls, or surround yourself with in order to feel a certain way. My home is all grey and white and black and red. I’m not sure what that says about me. But whatever it says it’ll be about me. Poor Hubby didn’t even get a look in really. And then lately I’ve wanted more yellow. Navy and yellow and grey and white to be exact. I’m changing, I think. I feel less fiery and red then I did. Less bold and commanding. I’m settling into life. Feeling less forceful with it. This feels reflected in my surroundings.

Are your walls institutional salmon or bright white?

Do you think it matters?

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