I wrote a whole post once about grammar and spelling snobs only to find that the interwebs was alive with people complaining of the lacklustre nature of bloggers these days. I decided not to publish it because who wants to be accused of lacklustre blogging. Not I said the fly. But maybe that was the wrong decision. Who knows. Instead I’m going to ramble. Old school. Because nothing works wonders for my will to write, which has been a little M.I.A. this week than the good old randomness of a ramble post. I miss the clickity clack of keys. So click clack I go.

Another day and another co-worker says “eeeewwww, oh my gawd, what are you drinking…!?” as I sip my green smoothie at the front counter at work. Today’s concoction includes a half of an avocado and it is thick and rich. It’s also a little bitter thanks to some past its best celery. It’s green too. Very, very green. But that’s not really my point here, I don’t think. It might be. It’s just I find it really amusing when people don’t try new things.

I have this thing about matching stuff. It’s a display of control I am sure. But you’ll have to ask someone who knows such things. I like things to match and line up. It’s my thing, stop laughing. So why am I telling you this? Why share some random insight into the workings of my brain? Well, my friends, because something happened, something that pushed me over the edge.

Hubby was charged with remaking the bed after the sheets had been stripped. Later that evening as I climbed into bed I noticed that not only did the pillowcases not match {eeeek} but they didn’t match the mismatched top OR bottom sheet. It was a virtual patchwork of the lone sock types of our linen. I couldn’t sleep for a while just thinking about all those colours and patterns mixing together. That’s how I knew anxiety was back.

I meet a lot of people with my job. I’ve been called everything from sweet cheeks to an f’ing c-bomb {no really, SO classy}. The other day three people called me darling, so not all that bad in the scheme of things. One though was a man who we laughed and joked with while he waited. I made him a coffee, we talked, all was fine. Later the jokes got longer and the conversation started to rub me the wrong way. The shut up woman and listen conversation with a co-worker pushed me over the edge. He reminded me of the dude that Carry Bickmore came up against last month on The Project. I really, really dislike that sort of attitude. And apparently, it can’t be hidden for long.

People. It’s a funny thing to watch them go about their day from behind a reception desk. I see the best of some people, the worst of others. Sometimes the whole gambit of humanness in one person in one day. I still rely on my core principle that people are predominately good. Whenever that changes and I start to believe for just a moment that this isn’t the case it’s time for me to take a break. Step back and bask in the wonderful that is the people I love. I highly recommend it.

And then I write.

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