Yeah, that. I do it all the time. I tell people not to do it. If you blog and enjoy having people who read it, a real community. It kind of helps to write something every now and again. I know that when my stats start to do a squiggly swirl downwards it means that there has been too many pics, one too many short flippant posts and all together too much flogging of old posts. Not only that, but I know because I spend a lot of time in front of an open empty page second guessing myself.

So sometimes, I just dig deep and post about what’s real for me. I admire bloggers who, day after day, dig into their soul and bare it. It’s a bit like exercise, it’s good for you and makes everything else around you better, brighter, shinier. But it’s hard work. It takes something. For me it’s more than I can offer most days. Sometimes what’s real for me is that I’m sad. Sometimes I’m excitedly awaiting something or other {like my new car! Squeeeee}. And sometimes it just that I want to share something that people ask me about time and time again. Not so the emails stop, no matter what Nat thinks, but because I want to help if I can.

I don’t mean to hold out on you the other days. Some days, like today, I look at my Hubby who went fishing all day, caught nothing so brought fish and chips for dinner and I wonder why the heck people would want to hear about that. Even though it’s cute and it makes me smile it just doesn’t seem big enough. But you know what I realised staring at that hair mess today? I realised that this blog is made up of little moments. This blog breathes and lives on those little moments. And it’s about time I got back to writing them down instead of allowing myself to sit here and post nothing.

I’m going to remember that this blog is about living the sweet life. And the real, delicious sweetness is in the little things. Don’t you think?

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