As far as recipes go this Thai Coconut Chilli Salad Dressing is an easy one. You’re just going to mix all the ingredients listed below together. I usually use something like a Tupperware quick shake to mix it. I have made huge batches of dressing in my Thermomix. But that’s just showing off. Haha. Once combined, you may need to add some water to the mix to thin it out, depending on the consistency of your coconut cream. Don’t use coconut milk; it’s not as fun.

Taste it when it’s all mixed if you need to add some salty, or sweet or sour as required to balance it out and hey presto. Best dressing ever. Goes with everything. It goes particularly well with a mango, chicken and pine nut salad. Or over a rough cut coleslaw. Mmmm. Now, I’m off to make a new batch for myself now. I ate the last of my stash for lunch.

You’re welcome; thank me later.


What you’ll need:

  1. Half cup coconut cream
  2. 5 tb spoons oil {peanut or sunflower}
  3. Chilli {as much as you want}
  4. Fish sauce {1 teaspoon}
  5. Coriander {roughly chopped, about 2 table spoon}
  6. Lime juice {1 lime’s worth}
  7. Garlic {1 teaspoon or 2 cloves}
  8. Turmeric {1 teaspoon}
  9. Coriander seeds {1 teaspoon – fried off or if your busy, powder}
  10. Salt {a pinch or two}
  11. Sugar {to taste}


Now cook. Well, mix, actually.

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