Tess Munster: Steal Her Style

When it comes to changing the way plus size women look at their bodies there aren’t many women who have done as much for the movement as this woman. Tess Munster, plus size model and all round awesome chick founded the #effyourbeautystandards hashtag which has supported thousands of women worldwide to embrace their body, embrace their beauty and be themselves. So who better to steal her style {because it’s fearless} then Tess, right?


Tess rocks a sort of Goth vintage look. In my opinion anyway. A cute retro look with some sharp edges, it’s really no surprise that she works with plus brand Domino Dollhouse so often, they’re a perfect fit. If you were shopping to steal Tess’s style you would be thinking pencil skirts, skater dresses, cherry print bikinis and a splash of leopard print here and there. Add some metallic spikes, studs and the occasional piercing, if that’s your thing.

My favourite thing about Tess is she has fun with her clothing, her outfits show off and proudly exclaim look at me world I’m fabulous. And THAT is what I hope you take form this week. I hope you get a little bolder, have a little more fun and show off a little bit more. After all you’re beautiful; on the outside, where it counts. It’s about time you started believing it lady. Now, let’s check out Tess’s style baby.

Tess Munster Steal Her Style Collage


For the shopping list this week I went WAY out of my usual places to shop and got my pointy edged vintage on. And you know what, it was LOTS of fun. I can certainly see myself wearing the zebra print dress and leopard skirt {which animal print and I usually avoid each other} and the galaxy dress, well that’s just about the coolest thing ever! A must own, I think. So happy shopping to you, and don’t forget to share your top spots to shop this style. Help the other ladies out!

Tess Munter: Steal Her Style Shopping Board

1. Zebra Print Dress 2. Strawberry Dress 3. Wiggle Dress 4. Spike Collar
5. Galaxy Dress 6. Leopard Print Skirt 7. Bikini {top} 8. Cats Eye Glasses
9. Animal Print Shoes 10. Cherry Dress And the top I forgot to number 

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