So, hi! The lovely Leanne over at Uber Simplicity tagged me in a game of sharing ten things about yourself. And given that the questions are goodies and you perhaps won’t know these things about me, I decided to play. Here are my responses;

describe yourself in seven words

Smart, goofy, bold, hopeful, upbeat and memorable.

what keeps you up at night

ME. I’m always online, or reading, or reading online. I love the midnight hours. Nothing makes me happier than the still of the night.

who would you like to be

Adele. Can you imagine that quiet confidence in who you are at 23. That talent and that FACE. I love that she is brassy and loud and has that goofy laugh. Mostly I love being me. But if I had to choose someone, it would be her.  

what are you wearing right now

Stripe maxi dress that I’m passing off as pyjamas. 

what scares you

Mice. On a squeal and run away level. It’s the chance that it might run up my leg and EAT ME ALIVE that freaks me out most. But on a deeper level, it scares me that I might never have a child of my own. And that I might not be enough without that experience. 

what are the best and worst things about blogging


That I get a different perspective every time I open up the browser window. People and their commitments in life. It makes me proud of the voices. Happy as heck to be one of them. And then, that I get to call them my friends. Bloggers, the people and their honesty is the best bit.  


I’ve heard a story of online bullying. It hasn’t happened to me. I’ve had the odd troll here or there but I’ve never been bullied. It makes me sad that someone would do that to another blogger in our community. And if I ever come across it, you can be darn sure I wont stand for it. For me, or for others. We ARE NOT going to turn this fun world into a girl on girl hate fest like our more advanced blogging neighbours. Because I SAID SO. 

what was the last website you visited

I was, errr, browsing Virtu’s online store. JUST BROWSING. Promise hubby. 

what is the one thing you would change about yourself

I’d like to be healthier, wealthier and wiser. You know. The simple things. I actually believe that everything I need I already have. I just have to spend the time to develop it. That’s corny, I know, but reassuring at the same time.  

tell us something about the person that tagged you

Leanne is a Queensland blogger with the most amazing smile. I’m pretty sure I found her through twitter and fell in love with her and her family via Instagram. I look forward to one day, VERY soon meeting up with her and giving her a hug and chatting over coffee. 

The fun part is I get to tag 5 people to play along after me. So who will I tag? YOU. If you want in, do it! Do it now. Because if you do it properly, this one will make you think. I know, I did. 


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