You guys asked for it. Well, officially Tony did. He wanted to know more about my plan and where I see my blog heading now. I said I’d think about it and write a post if I could make it work. Then last week, you all said you’d like to hear more too. So. A post about where I hope to take this blog, what I want for myself from it and more. I’ve attempted to write this post a few times. I’ve struggled to be honest. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why it was difficult. Then it occurred to me.

In a lot of ways dreams are private, even dreams with plans attached to them, cleverly disguised beneath a business plan. It feels like exposing myself to be writing it here, to send it out there for it to be judged. For me, to be judged. Maybe you’ll question my motives. Maybe you will think of this as a commercial venture and it will take the personal love out of it. I hope against hope that that doesn’t happen.

Then I remembered some training I did once. And the lessons learned through long talks with my Dad. No one can succeed alone. Each person you share your dream with brings you one step closer to THE person that can make it happen. It gives power and reality to your dream. And so, in the interest of sharing, of putting my wishes and hopes and desires OUT THERE. Here we go. Hold me.

Where I see my blog is by the end of 2012.

  • Regularly delivering quality content that not only interests people but is of use to them through a minimum of 7 posts per week.
  • Cementing the position in a new marketplace through brand contacts and associations within plus size fashion, shoes, health and lifestyle.
  • A thriving interactive community of over 1,000 subscribers, 2,000 Facebook likes and 500 newsletter subscribers {recent addition}.
  • For this blog to be considered a resource by those who read it and for me to be asked to share that knowledge with their readers. Commercially.
  • To educate myself on what it means for me to live a healthy life and share that on the blog.

What I’m doing to get there. 

  • Posting twice daily as regularly as I can.
  • Reading three non-online articles a week and 5 online articles a day.
  • Working to improve the quality of the writing and photos within the posts. Studying, reading, asking lots.
  • Building the audience on my Facebook page and Pinterest accounts.
  • Taking advice when it’s offered and acting on it quickly. Like I did with the weekly newsletter. Even if it’s via a post made for everyone.
  • Participate and be available to the blogging community when I can be. To build relationships and to give back.
  • Sending weekly updates to brands I work with.
  • Contacting new brands and making them aware of the blog.
  • Streamlining my blog, it’s marketing kits and branding so it is recognisable across the board.


How I came up with this ‘plan’ is a little haphazard at the moment. Given the recent transition in my interests, leading the way to the shift in this blog I had to reassess some of my ideas of what success would look like. I’ve been adapting to what has been working and what hasn’t. I’ve asked so many people so many questions. I’m doing as much as I can while it’s still fun. Outfit photos, dressing up and funny little stories are fun to me. Stories of the gym and working out and pushing boundaries of what people think is more than fun, it’s what I’m doing with my life right now. My blog is a medium for that.

So it surviving, it being something. That matters to me. And that’s my dream.

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