This is one of my Saturday morning, hanging out and writing, usually in a cafe somewhere outfits. Casual, comfortable and fun, it’s the first day of the usually that I get free reign over what I wear. I like to keep the fabrics light {even on a cooler day like this one was} and layer them on. Shoes comfortable, flats are essential. Hair and make-up are low fuss and tidy. It’s my non-uniform uniform. A heaping helping of colour is a bit nice too.

Hubby made me take these photos in the front yard. In front of our neighbours. I look pretty happy with that idea, don’t I? The light was fading fast because a storm was closing in and I really wanted to capture this outfit. Not just because I am completely in love with these sneakers {I am, but that’s beside the point}. Not just because floral is so IN right now {HA. Yeah I said that. Out loud.} And certainly not because I was looking my flashy best {I wasn’t}. Just because it’s important I think to mix in some casual looks here. Some real, everyday looks that you guys might find useful.

Front yard photos are awkward. Just saying.

Caridgan – Mix Apparel

Dress – BigW {2010}

Sneakers – Converse

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

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