Welcoming Tatum from Eat. Move. Explore. sharing her recipe for Chocolate Fondant and sharing a little more about her Kitchen Bootcamp series coming up! This post is not sponsored but Tatum is a current sponsor for the blog promoting her Kitchen Bootcamp. This post was my idea as Tatum explains below. Check. It. OUT. 

Hello Sugers 🙂  You might have noticed my legs over there in the sidebar advertising Kitchen Bootcamp.  My name is Tatum Woodroffe and I write regularly at Eat Move Explore and occasionally on my personal blog.  When I booked my advertising spot here at Suger Coat It for the month Melissa suggested that I might like to share a recipe with her readers and take the opportunity to tell them a little about Kitchen Bootcamp. {editor note: Because we all know I’ve been slack with recipes lately, sorry kids! – Melissa}

Well, here I am.  With chocolate, because everybody loves chocolate.  Rather than just cooking something nice and sharing the recipe with you I have gone one better and videoed it.  It’s my second Eat Move Explore cooking segment and I can tell you hubby is pretty impressed with his editing skills on this one!

Much of the Kitchen Bootcamp content will be delivered via video (I’m looking forward to putting together the blooper reel at the end especially lol!).  However, before I chat about that too much let’s get on with the chocolate first.  Without further ado, Chocolate Fondant for Two…it’s so easy to make sure your significant other is watching too, then you won’t even need to make it yourself!

Seriously Yum.  If you make a double batch (or bigger) you can stash them in the freezer and cook them from frozen, just add a couple of minutes to the cooking time.

As for Kitchen Bootcamp?  I am pretty passionate about food and fitness.  These days I run marathons, I am a bit crazy like that. Previously I have been teetering on the edge of overweight and feeling unfit and unhealthy within myself, these are important things to me.  Luckily, I have known how to cook for as long as I can remember, I understand what to do with food, what goes with what and a few little tricks to take something from ordinary to amazing.

I have spent the last 18 months learning a whole lot more about nutrition and it has become an area of intrigue and passion for me.  Truth be told, the human body as a whole has, we truly are amazing machines.

You know when something is so ingrained that you don’t realise it’s not something everyone knows, that’s me and cooking.  Recently I think I understood that for the first time and although I regularly write and share recipes on Eat Move Explore, and have for years on my personal blog, I decided to put together an 8 week course to help people get confident in the kitchen.

I really believe that being empowered in the kitchen goes a long long way to weight management for the long-term.  Kitchen Bootcamp isn’t about ‘dieting’ or anything like that, it’s about understanding food and loving it.  Eating what tastes great and having tricks up your sleeve to help you stay organised and ever at the ready.  I would love you to join me if it sounds like something that is a good fit for you.

Thank you again, Melissa, for having me. You are one kick-ass lady, I admire you and the way you are inspiring and empowering yourself and your community. {editors note: Naaaaaw thanks! And you’re welcome anytime. – Melissa}

Tatum xx

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