Life happens and sometimes you need to pack up your blog and take it on the road. Luckily on the market there are endless things that will help you get mobile, tablets, apps, mobile devices out the nose. I like to keep it fairly simple and travel light. Especially for the times when I just want to write in my Gloria Jeans office and don’t want to lug a big old bag in and back out with the crowds. So here are the things that I deem essential.

Tablets/iPads – I find that using a tablet or iPad is the easiest method to blog on the go. Especially when travel I hate lugging around my heavy laptop. So I’ve set up my iPad with everything I need to make my blog posts not only possible, but something that I can publish then and there. There a link to a few posts below to get you started on these things. You might also want to invest in a stand and a keyboard if it’s something you are doing often.

Internet & WiFi Hot Spots – Most of the time I tether my iPhone to my iPad and I access the Internet that way. I have a good data plan and it’s reliable. Win win. But more and more locations are offering WiFi for free to customers and they are offering decent quality Internet too. I always ask if I can access the WiFi when I order at cafe’s. Most places will hand over the password, no issue. Just keep in mind you should only join networks you trust. Don’t just go linking up to anyone you can find.

Camera Connections & Editing – When you’re wanting to actually blog on the go the photos can be just as critical as the words in your post. So having access to the photos you’ve taken or the ability to edit them is essential. Instead of carrying my camera’s cords around I use a card reader pull in for the iPad and USB port for other photos I might not have on the card. Using simple Apps like Instagram, Camera+ and the Photoshop apps will ensure they are looking their best and resized.

HTML – It might be time to learn a few basic HTML type things {are they words, groupings…? What are they called} so you can do what you need to do if the App or program you’re using doesn’t do what you want to do. Big ones for me were making sure I could justify my text {I like stuff to line up people!} and centre my images. I also like to use a LARGER font for my last line or anything I want to emphasise. Google these and start to memorise them. You won’t need many. Just a few of your favourites.

Notebook & Pen – Look, let’s face it, sometimes you’re going to have an idea and you’re not going to want to whip out the whole set up to get it down. the old notebook and pen works well in this case for jotting down ideas and even fleshing them out. I draw lots of squiggly draft type things with arrows and links and thought bubbles. And when it comes to the post, it just about writes itself.

This is one of those topics that bloggers that blog about blogging blog about often. Phew. Say that three times fast. But one of the better ones I’ve read lately is from Nikki over at Styling You with her post about blogging from her iPad and what you need to do it. I also really like this one about blogging via email on your Blogger blog {it’s a video with sound FYI}. And this one so my Android friends don’t feel like out; Three blogging apps for your Android. That’ll get you started.

Today I’m at Blogopolis in Sydney. I’ve got all the things listed above and a ready and raring to go. I cannot wait to pick up more tips and tricks from some of my favourite bloggers and some of Australia’s best. So watch this space, if I’m not too partied out, you might just see me mobile blogging again tomorrow. Maybe. You know, probably.

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