This week I’m introducing you to Tabitha from T for Tabitha. I met Tabitha, in the flesh, at the Hello Blogger Events Gold Coast meet up. When I laid eyes on Tabitha from across the table I knew I would LOVE her. Blunt fringe, great brows and wearing a fabulous lace detailed blouse/top thingy. She was even lovely when I referred to her friend as her boyfriend. Which, he wasn’t. And now, she’s engaged to her ACTUAL boyfriend and wedding planning. I asked her to take time out from her busy schedule and share her style with us. Get excited, it’s awesome!

What really underpins my style is my shape – trends may come and go but my curvy, hourglass shape remains the same. I think that is the ultimate key to dressing well and looking fabulous; knowing what works for your body. I love to stand out from the crowd and are drawn to unique pieces of clothing (and accessories – yes, I definitely tend to overindulge in accessories). What I am coveting right now is anything and everything animal print, my poor fiancée is sick of seeing leopard print! I also love COLOUR, I know many people are scared of it but it really enhances an outfit. This season I went all-out and colour blocked in fabulous oranges, pinks, purples and blues. But you can simply start small and perhaps add a coloured necklace or belt to a plain outfit – pop!

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