I have well and truly switched gears and entered my, meh who cares summer phase early this year. Kicked back and soaking in the heat, weekends by the pool, laughing and playing will do that to a girl. So when it comes time to get into summer mode all it really takes are some swimmers and a pair of shorts. But even I can’t wear them everywhere so the lightweight, the easy and this year, the bright come into play.

This denim skirt I picked up from ASOS on Liv’s recommendation is the best. The cute line, the buttons, pockets and it’s pretty short. Love that, summer is made for short skirts, right? For me, it’s important that my summer clothes be lightweight. I get hot easily and denim denim is a sometimes item during the summer. It is perfect, more chambray that anything. And it just occurred to me now that I hope it’s still for sale with all this rambling… I better check. Oh, it’s not, whoops. Sorry.

I know for sure the camisole isn’t. It’s one I picked up second hand and don’t often wear because it’s too narrow at the hips for me, and yet it grabs under the arms unless the straps are fully extended. Short version, it can be annoying to wear. Plus there’s the whole strapless bra thing. That goodness my City Chic one is comfy enough to wear all day. This top brought to you by the hold up power and moderate comfort of this bra.

So yes, summer has come early for me. My nose is pink from the warmth of the sun, my shoulders too and I’m sleepy in a way only a day doing your thing in the sunshine will do. Perfect, summer perfect, and it’s only October! Plenty of fun and games to come yet. Lots.

Sorry folks, all items are old stock or my Mum’s. 

Are you a summer kid? Counting down the days or dreading it?

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