One of my favourite lines from the Devil Wears Prada. Along with ‘…florals for spring, how groundbreaking’. The title quote though is the best way to describe my internet this week. It’s terrible. Slow and hard to load and annoying. I blamed Hubby’s recent app addiction Hay Day. It had probably contributed for sure. But it comes down to the fact that the pace of the WiFi in our home is abysmal. I normally deal pretty well but this week, not so much.

This week I was TOO BUSY for slow internet.

So I raged a little at the powers who be. Huffed and puffed about my town and how ridiculous it is to not get decent phone reception or internet speed. Then I had a nap to procrastinate a little further. I was sooooo annoyed at myself this week. Annoyed at everything. That happens to me when I don’t sleep properly, have things I should have finished and haven’t and I don’t have backup plans in place for the blog. So I did what bloggers do best and have taken to my blog to complain about it.

Melissa, get your shit done.

Melissa, get to bed EARLIER.

Melissa, stop taking naps instead of working when you DO get the chance.

Melissa, take it easy on yourself, it’s just that time of year.


So now I’m going to attempt to go to bed early. Fingers crossed. Thanks for visiting.

PLEASE tell me life is a bit hectic for you right now..?

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