Bloggers are some of my favourite people. My favourite, favourites. And this weekend just gone my friend Sheri had a launch party for her new blog design. I was so excited about the blog design unveiling that I forgot all about worrying about what to wear. I was, after all, stepping into a room I knew would be jam-packed with Rockabilly fabulous.  The panic set in about 24 hours before the party. Holy smokes. Now what.

In the end I went with a black pencil skirt, striped tee, ruffle suede wedges, red cardie and my fringe firmly in place. I arrived after two hours in air-conditioned bliss having napped the entire journey {thanks Kel!}. When I arrived I gave Sheri a quick hug and looked around for a familiar face. Gil was loitering calmly near the laptop proudly displaying the new design. Not long after Liv and Ben arrived and we made a cosy little 5’some.

Admiring the style and general festive atmosphere was one of the best parts for me. the clothes, the hair, the makeup! Gosh. The ENVY. They all looked so immaculate. Even more impressive given that after I defrosted from the air con chill, I joined the others in proceeding to sweat my face and my fringe off. How DO they do it. I bet there’s an anti-face-sweat cream somewhere… That Sheri, she’s holding out on me, I know it. HA!

All in all it was a fabulous afternoon, with fabulous company. Even though Hubby and I almost got into an accident and then someone had backed into our car when we returned to it. The backer-into-er had left me a note, bless them. But the damage was minor and mostly to the number plate, so I let it ride. And no matter what, I love getting together to celebrate blogs and blogging with bloggers. I’d do it again in a second. In fact, thanks to the Say Hello Workshop, this weekend, I WILL be. Bet there’s no petticoats at the workshop though!

Gil, Liv and I. just, you know, hanging out. That cardie didn’t last long!

Click the image to visit Sheri’s new look blog.
Congratulations guys. It looks GREAT.

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