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You guys know I grew up on a farm right? A pineapple farm in what some people would optimistically still refer to as the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, a place called the Mary Valley. When it came to holidays my family, long before a holiday home/unit became a prospect, we would go camping. Pack up the van, drag it to the Sunshine Coast {usually Maroochydore or Alexandria Headlands} and set up camp for the three months of Summer.

Thank goodness for THAT.

My parents would come and go from their businesses {Dad on the farm, Mum with first a general store, then a real estate office} and we kids would bask in the awesomeness that is the surf and the sun. One year we even planned to joined nippers. I think we felt so much a part of the community. It just happened that our home was in the camp ground.

That’s great Suger, but so what, right? Well…

This year Magshop isn’t giving away a holiday as part of its Christmas Competition, it has gone one better. This year they are giving away a lifetime supply of ‘glamping’ goodness. No really. Stay with me on this one. Do you know what ‘glamping’ is? It’s GLAM camping. That fancy comfortable kind that doesn’t see your food stash filled with ants and undies hanging on a communal clothes line for the world to see. Mmmm, sounds wonderful.

My parents always tell stories of us kids escaping the confines of the old annex and into the neighbouring camp, of time taken to set up and pull down and of storms weathered in flimsy tents. I have a favourite tale from the time my Mum ran over a tap and sent a water gusher sky high. It just happened to be in a camp ground with the grumpiest manager EVER!

So how the heck are Magshop supplying you with a lifetime supply of ‘glamping’? Well you are going to join the likes of Matthew, Sandra and Brad when you purchase a Magshop Christmas Gift and are in with the chance of winning the $185,000 prize pack which includes:

  1. Airstream 762 “International Series” travel trailer. Containing a bedroom, kitchen, shower, toilet, sofa and dining area and, sleeps up to five people.
  2. Plus, one night’s stay at Bateman’s Bay NSW for collection of and training on the Airstream.
  3. Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo – 3.0L diesel with automatic transmission. All on-road costs (registration, stamp duty, CTP insurance) are included.

I mean come ooooooon, how AWESOME is that!

Hubby and I could have used the prize pack on our recent road trip. Sure the Hybrid cruises along on the smell of an oily rag, but we could have been snails, carrying our home with us everywhere we went and lived on the road. I may never have come home.

For me there is nothing better than having stories to tell of shared experiences with people. For my family, my cousins and I, we have lots of tales from the Christmas holidays camping and playing and just being with people we love. People matter full stop. For all the joking about glamping being better it comes down to who you share it with. You don’t NEED an Airstream to get out there and enjoy your people.

I can totally picture me taking selfies in the shiny exterior all across the country side, can’t you?

For more information on the competition and the wide range of magazine subscriptions available from Magshop, pop on over and check it out. If you win the Airstream, promise you’ll come and visit me. Proooomise!?

And as an additional public {ladies} services announcement, check out the super hot Matthew McConaughey in his Airstream trailer here. This is glamping people, hot celebrity glamping. Can’t you just picture it now? Sigh. 

Remind me to tell you about the time we travelled in a motor home, across the USA and Canada, at Christmas time, with my Mum, Dad, teenage brother and sister, Hubby and I. THAT’s one heck of a story. It wasn’t pretty people, wasn’t pretty at ALL. Haha.

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