This summer has been the summer of the double denim. Thanks to this skirt and a chambray tank, there has been very little else in high rotation over the past few months. You know, when I’m not wandering around my house in my swimmers because it’s a billion degrees of humid and I just couldn’t deal…

I was thinking about the double denim challenge with the Aussie Curves girls. Who remembers when that was the thing? Every Monday morning my post would be ready and raring to go. That post is from 2014 and I was well and truly into my love affair with denim on denim, shades of denim on shades of denim by then. But it’s fun to look back. I don’t even block it now, I’m all in.

Kinda like my white converse obsession.

Let me tell you, Mr Suger is regretting the day he purchased these babies. Haha. Not only because he’s had to remind me on more than one occasion that no, perhaps the converse aren’t exactly work shoes, nor are they suitable for weddings and such.

I’m nothing if not consistent. Haha. I take an outfit I like and I wear it over and over again. Have you seen my work outfit instagram hash tag? It’s pretty much the same handful of items over and over again. Because, well, I’m a creature of comfort and I know what I like.

And I REALLY like easy.

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Wearing 17 Sundays All Night Printed Shirt (22) and Denim Skirt (22 – similar ), sneakers from Converse (as per).

Check out this very same outfit on Instagram if you want more detailed look at the shirt print/wash. The light this afternoon was nice, but a little full on for such things. You’ll also note the ponytail, it IS summer after all and we all know my hair can’t be trusted to behave for long in humidity. Haha.

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