Start early. Especially if, like me, you live almost 3 hours away. And while you’re leaving early, steal your Hubby’s ute and don’t forget your wallet. You know, like I did.   
Break for lunch. Because come ooooon meatballs! Seafood sandwiches. Refillable soft drinks! What’s not to love? Watch out sugar free friends for the chocolate and cider. They are jam-freakin-packed with sugar. 
Take little people to assist but make sure they are stayers. Like my nieces {and even they wavered at the end! Haha}. While they may insist on riding the trolley the entire day, they WILL come in handy pushing them at some point. 
Have a list of items and get those sorted early. Find an assistant. Get them to do the printed out list thing. Jam that in your pocket with a pencil and get jotting down everything ELSE you want along the way. Because once the stuff you came for is accounted for then it’s a free for all.  
Striped blankets are essential. No matter what Hubby says about stripes over running everything in the entire house and you being slightly mad. Oh wait. Maybe that is just MY house. Disregard as required.  
Checking out is easier if you find a lovely assistant type person willing to help you out. Two is even better. And while we are talking about even better, use the loading bay. Pushing three overladen trolleys of stuff through a car park, across roads and down ramps is dangerous. 
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