It’s RULES prompt week for #hashtagplusblogger and with that in mind I’m bringing an old, OLD, favourite with a Suger’s Rules type post. Don’t remember what I’m on about? Use the search bar and take a look around. They were fun. But enough about that, let’s go!

Suger’s Rules for Dressing

Wear things that make you happy.

If you’re happy and someone makes you feel like crap for it, that’s on them, not you.

Stripes are always in.

So, are sneakers. Maybe just switch yours out more often than I do.

If you don’t like shape wear, don’t wear them. Ever.

If your partner doesn’t get, that’s okay.

Heck, if the whole darn world doesn’t get it, that’s okay.

You do you.

Find that sweet spot for the length of your dress, skirts, short or pants and hit that.

When it comes to ‘outfits’ always add a jacket or extra layer. It’s more interesting that way.

If you’re into a trend, go for it, but don’t buy clothes just because.

Clothes are clothes, you have to bring the personality.

Denim is a neutral.

When in doubt, reach for some Aviators.

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