I was having brunch with Hubby the other morning. We were flicking through some old magazines and I came across this article in the Australian Women’s Health magazine {cough, from 2010, cough}. They gave some REALLY great advice. But some of them, I thought, needed a little Suger’fication. So here we go, some tongue in cheek advice, coming right up!

  • SOMEONE YOU AREN’T CRAZY ABOUT ASKS FOR A RECOMMENDATION, WHAT DO YOU DO?: This happened to me. I had to fire a women once who just wasn’t working out in the role. We’d had ongoing issues with performance and development. She lost it at me, swearing and calling me every name under the sun. Then a month later I received a call saying she had listed me as a reference. Short version. I politely declined and prepared myself for the onslaught from her when she didn’t get the job. It turns out, they gave it her anyway. So short version, do what you like, no one really pays much attention anyway.
  • YOU WAKE UP AFTER A BIG, BIG NIGHT WITH SOME ICK REGRETS, NOW WHAT?: Having been a perfect example of responsible drinking and upright morality my entire life, I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer this. Good luck degenerates.
  • HOW DO YOU LEAVE A PARTY EARLY?: I quietly thank the host and leave. If they announce you’re leaving, then fine, do the rounds, but if not slip out waving to those you’ve been in conversation with. Mostly if you are only going to cameo at the party, maybe do these people who think they are your friends a favour and decline. It must be tricky being as popular and cool and you.
  • YOUR BOSS WANTS TO BE BESTIES, HOLY COW NOW WHAT?: Well really, it comes down to how cool your boss is. Don’t you think? One of those bosses from Horrible Bosses {the movie? Gosh, THAT was a weird one}, forget it! Me, for example, dive right in. Keep in mind that work still needs to be done and suggesting late night champagne binges on a Tuesday doesn’t really fit with a professional image. So always, always stay a glass or two behind the boss.
  • YOU ARRIVE AT AN EVENT AND ARE WAAAAAY UNDER DRESSED, HOW DO YOU FIX THIS!?: Suck it up and get on with it. I arrived at my accommodation last night, 10 minutes before the others were leaving for the venue. I changed clothes, patted on some foundation and ran out the door. Feeling rushed, sticky from humidity and frazzled I plonked myself into a chair in the lobby. Smaggle, Katrina and Crash Test Mummy arrived in the lobby looking fab and I died a little. Not the impression I had intended to make on this night of bloggy nights. But tough, right!? Sometimes you look fab and fit the dress code and others, you have to roll with it and have a good time anyway. Which of course I DID.

See what an awesome advice giver outerer I am? Now it’s your turn. Ask Suger, what’s your sticky situation? Aunty Suger will help you out. As long as you are ok with my disclaimer, which is, I’m in no way an expert and won’t be held responsible for this ridiculous, tongue in cheek advice.

Ok? Ask away.

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