New Rule.
Due to a ridiculous amount of spam lately, even with the filter in place and the occasion kinda nasty comment, I decided to set a few guidelines. It won’t affect most of you. But as part of my effort to focus the intent of this blog, I thought it necessary to post. Sooooo, if you would like to comment here please keep the following in mind;
  • Your opinions are always welcome. In fact, they are encouraged. I ask that you consider the way in which they are expressed. Aggressive tones will not be tolerated. Towards me or towards other commenters. I will review your comment if I feel it crosses the boundary, I will remove it. You will be emailed if there is an email address attached to the profile to explain why I removed the comment and you’ll be offered an opportunity to come back and make your point again.
  • Regarding links within comments, please only include links to items of interest that apply to the subject of the blog post. Otherwise it will be removed. You will also receive an email {if address is attached}. I am always REALLY excited to receive a link to a relevant and timely post or website. So please don’t be deterred if that is what you are doing. Likewise if the comment does not apply to the current post, please email me instead.
  • Mostly I want this to be a place of community. A place where discussion happens. Where you make bloggy friends you never thought you’d meet. With this is mind {and given SO many profile do not have emails attached} my plan is to reply to comments on the posts from now on. If an issue is sensitive, I will still reply by email, if possible.
Well, that was longer than I thought it would be. But there are three basic rules. Be kind, be relevant and be a team player. So, what say you? Does your blog have a comments policy, or am I just being optimistic?
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