Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse – 3 Day Cleanse $195 {gifted}

Last week I was the proud recipient of an Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse. It was a three day, level two cleanse. I selected it because being back on the sugar-free wagon, I didn’t want to be drinking 6 fruit juices a day for three days. I’d be in worst shape then I was when I started as far as cravings and such went away. It turns out when I took a look at the new Spring menu it really didn’t contain a lot of high fructose juice, but each to their own on that. Stringent sugar-free’ers could do a level three cleanse that is almost entirely vegetable.

I cleansed for almost four days. I had a party to go to Saturday night and had dinner with my parents as a last-minute decision on Sunday. So I carried their juices over to the Monday. Not the recommended process but I am a bit of a rebel, you know. If I was craving the crunch factor {which I did a few times} I had broccoli with hummus or other low impact vegetables. I made it through with a moderate skin break out and a few headaches. Though for me, they were probably caffeine withdrawals as I’ve been going little nuts on the stuff lately.

I’m happy to report that I reached all my goals from doing the cleanse. I wanted to reset my eating habits and get back on a low caffeine diet, feel lighter and more motivated at the gym and I wanted to lose a little weight for my efforts. At my weigh-in Monday I had lost 2.7kg for the week. I have eaten well all week in terms of whole foods and preparing meals and snacks in advanced. I am annoyingly upbeat and energetic. I feel great. 150% spring ready.

Benefit Cosmetics How to Look the Best Everywhere Kit {gifted}

I mentioned this little baby was responsible for creating the base of my make-up look for this week’s Aussie Curves – Tribal post. Well, here she is in all her glory. What a wonder. What a beauty. Everything you need comes in this little box which has tips and tricks on the lid which opens up to a mirror. Score! An all in one wonder. My sister has already claimed the POREfessional since I currently have a stockpile of 3 tubes. Don’t ask. I just love that stuff. Thank goodness I’d taken the photos already. Anyway. Pop over to the Aussie Curves post and check out this beauty in action, if you have any questions, let me know. The Benefit Cosmetics catalogue can be found on their Facebook page. So can a lot of cool things. You’ll buy stuff, you’ve been warned.

And that’s all I had time for this month ladies and gents. That and review items were a little light on this month as I have really drawn back on saying yes to items. I also went on a bit of spending cleanse too. I took a break from the shops and re-discovered things I already own and had forgotten I love. Next month I am reviewing my gym {NOT GIFTED – But open to offers! Haha}, some new season nail shades and more. Those that subscribe to the newsletter will get a sneak peek of this each month in the under review section. Yes, that was totally another newsletter plug.

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