PaperMate Ink Joy Pens {gifted}

 Stationary. Ahhh, my first love. When I was a child I would carry notebooks and pens around with me as a security type thing. I wrote in them. Filled them day after day with thoughts and poems and happenings and more. Those notebooks were my best friends when nobody seemed trustworthy in primary school, they became an escape in high school and a place to exercise my mind from the conformity of the structural writing of university. It’s a love that has lasted my whole life. A friend once laughed and said blogger’s don’t use notebooks, they use devices. But not me. I love notebooks and pens. And coloured, easy to write with, gorgeous pens are even better. I’m a happy kid thanks to a shoe box full of PaperMate Ink Joy pens. And at under $5 a pack, do yourself a favour. Get some. Because I’m not sharing mine. Ha.

Avella for BigW Shorts

I purchased these shorts and I love, love them. But there is ONE THING that annoys me about them. One thing that made me want to make sure I reviewed them a little so you all knew. These shorts are a size 26. Yup. A 26, which means if you are bigger than a 20/22 in all other plus size stores then don’t even bother. Doesn’t that just push your buttons? Not for the whole, omg, I’m wearing size 26 shorts thing, but for the sizing is so inconsistent thing. Grrrr. Sometimes I wonder who comes up with these things. Great shorts, nice cut, great colours. Definitely not a size 26. You’ve been warned Sugers.

Target Womens Shoes Spring 2012 Range {Giveaway}

Those that have been flowing the blog would have seen these awesome wedges before in the Aussie Curves Blue post and the post shown above. And the gorgeous mint green flats that I adore shown in the Tunic Fail post. I was given a voucher to go and buy myself some shoes to try out the range. I’ve been really impressed with the selection available. The colours and the new season styles are pretty darn cool. Overall they are an affordable and easy to wear, on trend shoe. You heard it here first, ladies and gents. Check out the giveaway below for YOUR chance to win a $50 gift voucher from Target.

Nice’n Easy and Wella Pro Series Summer Style {Giveaway}

A while ago my Mother trialled some of the nice’n easy range. Even though I chose the wrong colour for her hair, the outcome was that the colour was gentle on her hair, gave a strong copper colour {part of the problem, haha} and gave some beautiful layers to her colour. When nice’n easy contacted me to ask if you guys might like to win some packs to give your hair a refresh before summer, I said I thought you would! The prize packs will also include a shampoo and conditioner from the Wella Pro Series. The Wella Pro Series range was developed to protect coloured hair. Awesome. Since you will HAVE coloured hair. Haha. And the best news is, there are three of them. Yay multi-draw!

And now, the giveaway..!!

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