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It’s back! No, really, check it out. We’re BACK! I don’t know what it is, but I really didn’t buy anything new in January. Nothing that wasn’t boxes of baby spinach and copious amounts of green vegetable related stuff. That makes for one very dull review post, I assume. After all, this has been such an incredible riveting start. So contain yourselves, you lot, stop being so rowdy and appreciative of such nothingness.


Oh goodness, I really am a little nuts today.


So what did I do to come back from all things deary, didn’t buy stuff? Instead, I turned to the last of the items sent to me in December that I opted for stuff you should buy me for Christmas type posts instead. I should note that not a single item from that list was under my tree. Shame on you. Haha. But the time has come, people, like the ugly duckling that is finally a swan, here they are. PLUS, I received a parcel in the post of the new items in the MiGoals range for 2013, which you will have the opportunity TO WIN! Now I bet you’re excited. You should be. They’re awesome.


Now for the reviews, let’s go!


Bellabox {gifted}


This is a monthly subscription for beauty products. There are a few out there on the market, and beauty bloggers rave about them. I was excited to receive my box, and it arrived in the mail in December. Having toned down the whole Christmas thing regarding presents, it was nice to receive something gift wrapped that was a surprise. I’m not sure that would ever get old. That would certainly make for a fun mail day month after month into your subscription. You can then pop over to the Bellabox website and purchase an item if you fall in love with it. If beauty was your thing, this HAS to be an awesome way to try out new releases without dropping big money at the checkout to give them a go.

As you can see, I received some full-size products, some premium samples and some sample samples. I ended up gifting the make-up kit to my sister: funky modern colours and a beautiful feel. I was proud to hand that one over to her. I knew she would love it, and she does. All in all, for $15 per month, it was absolutely worth that. And the fun factor of getting a surprise parcel every month would be pretty cool. Probably worth a couple of bucks itself. Haha. To find out more or check out the men’s range, pop over to the Bellabox website.

Nivea Pure & Natural Cleansing Range {gifted}


I’m not going to bang on about these for too long; after all, face cleansers are not that sexy, really. Necessary and the feel on your skin is important, but, you know, no one calls cleansers sexy. My skin can be a bit temperamental, easy-going one minute and flaring up the next. So with the Pure & Natural range offering laundry lit of things that it is FREE of, I requested to try it out. I was gifted a pack of wipes and the cleansing lotion and have happily used them both since their arrival. I

‘m happy to report I didn’t have any issues with my skin and have found the cleansing wipes in a particularly great addition to my very basic cleansing routine. I recommend considering these babies next time you’re shopping for products like these. I mean, they managed to keep me feeling fresh as a daisy while camping. That’s got to be something. To check out the entire range in the Pure & Natural range, pop over to the website.

Mi Goals Stationary {gifted}

I first discovered this brand last year after stumbling onto them on Facebook. They were one of the first brands I ever fostered a relationship with, and that makes them pretty darn special in my books. Plus, I love all these notebooks and stationary. And black and white colour themes too. They fulfil all these criteria and more. You see, I am a big believer in planning your work and working your plan, and these diaries make that possible! Not only is there room to plan your goal, flesh it out, and set weekly goals to achieve it. I love that. Like, love love it. And there are quotes. You know me and quotes.

There are also goals books, the notes book, the inspire notepad, and this year sees the addition of the bucket list and the pad {a smaller notepad}. I love the idea of a bucket list—a place to keep all those ideas, big and small, for things to do. As soon as I received mine, I whipped out the pens and started scribbling some ideas down. Travel Italy, eat an extravagant meal in New York City, not worry about the price, run 10km, have four children, learn to sew, build a fort, and get a dog. I laughed and dreamed and planned. And I cried. Some of these things have been so close to becoming a reality and have slipped away at the last minute. A bucket list keeps them firmly in mind. Front of mind.

And lucky for one of you, there’s a set of the books shown below {the 2013 diary, bucket list and Mi Goals pad} for you to win! I have them right here in my hot little hands, ready to send to the lucky winner. So check out the photos below, and then at the bottom, the give-away details will let you know how you can win.

To win your very own Mi Goals pack, including the 2013 diary, Bucket List book and notepad, tell me in the comments below, what’s on YOUR bucket list? I will select the item that makes me smile biggest, laugh out loud or tear up a little with the assistance of some special guest judges. Open to Australian residents only. Entries close Monday 4th February 2013 at 8 pm, my time.

It would be much appreciated if you show Mi Goals some love for their ongoing support and coolness. Depending on your style, you can give them a shout out on Twitter {@MiGoals} or visit them on Facebook. Maybe tell them you’re entering the giveaway, so they know they’re loved. I don’t usually ask, but I thought I would—this time. Good luck!

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