A long time ago I was looking at plans with Hubby and a builder deciding on the size of our lounge room. Based around the kitchen with wide island bench, I wanted a big space that was versatile, had high ceilings and would be the centre of our home. And 5 years ago {I think it was 5} we moved in. Last year we finally got a bit more settled in. I hit Ikea and our space started to feel a bit ours.

Way back then I promised to share some photos of how everything went in. I thought I’d wait until we had a new couch. It turns out, this has been put on the back burner yet again. So I grabbed some photo, around the other day and decided to share them. This isn’t a how to guide about making your house fabulous. this is a lived in, loved up house. It’s also very colour coordinated. I might have to let that go a little. Haha.

So, no time like the present, here’s the centre of our universe.

Photos of the people I love make my home home.

What makes your home home?


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