I know, I know, you all have had just about enough of me come the end of the week. I get that. I really do. You’re like, Suger go over there and be quiet for a minute, I need a time out… Right? Well sorry about that because this weekend just gone I launched the weekly Suger News. If you missed the first, very loose idea of the concept, you can see it here. Since then I’ve been making a list, planning what I want it to include and all that. So it’s going to go bigger this coming week and from then on.

AAAAAAAAGGGGEEEEESSSSS ago I started a monthly newsletter, of which, there were only ever a couple. Whoops. But now that I am a serious grown up blogger, with a serious grown up blog {ok you lot, stop laughing} the time has come. Regular newsletters, come hell or high water. And since I’m all for pushing my self {or the edge? Maybe} I’m using the weekly format. So every Saturday morning, just as you’re either dragging yourself out of bed, or maybe settling your butt on some bench next to a sporting field somewhere, ping, into your inbox will arrive the weekly news.

Suger news will include;

  • Shopping finds, tips and tricks
  • A sneak peek of upcoming posts
  • Weekly post wrap up
  • Weekly outfit wrap up from my Instagram feed
  • Advanced notice of give-aways coming up on the blog or Facebook page
  • A letter from me about what we’re up to and what’s coming up
  • Plus 10% off blog designs or ad spots if you’re a subscriber


Sign up by clicking here

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