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So I decided to start a newsletter. Like, you needed more ramblings from me. But yes, there is more. I figured a newsletter is a fun way to share cool stuff that I might not get a chance to share here. Or on the facebook page. Or on twitter. Or any one of the other million platforms I use. It’ll be monthly at this stage. In theory. Let’s see what we can do. 
So tell me. If I sent you an email with a little letter from me, some links and come other content, would you read that? So tell me, what does your favourite newsletter include? Do you like freebies or giveaways that are newsletter entries only?
First edition launches Monday!!
Wish me luck. 

Hi! I’m Suger and I’m the Chief Blogger here. I make stuff for the internet. Which means I take photos, build websites, write copy and create social media plans for people. This is my blog where I share my life and the things that interest me. It’s been living its best life on the interwebs since 2009.