Oh heeey team, it’s been a while since I let you know about new episodes of our podcast, Suger + Ink. We’ve been pottering along now and racked up 11 episodes, not including our short and sweet intro episode. And can I tell you, we have learned A LOT. A lot. A loooooot.

Did I say, a lot? 

Since we started, I’ve upgraded my microphone and placed it in an Ikea box for better sound. Thanks Vanessa for THAT tip, what a legend. Samara has been trialing new and exciting editing stuff and all in all, we are proud of what we are doing. It’s exciting starting something new like this. I don’t know if you’ve gone out on a ledge recently and tried something new, but I highly recommend it.

Our latest releases are around the Embrace movie (I wrote about my experience here). We discuss the movie, being body positive and I get a little ranty about such things. Sometimes I hear the tracks back and I just shake my head and laugh. Yup, apparently I sound like that. Yup, apparently that’s what I think when it comes down to it.

I have a lot of opinions, apparently. Did I mention a lot? 

Interested in checking out the podcast? We are available on iTunes and Soundcloud and episodes are up weekly on our website. We’ve banked a few episodes over the past week or two and I can’t wait for them to hit the channel. Keep an eye out for updates team.

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