You know how I was doing that thing. The new thing. The podcast thing? Well, it’s here and I’m proud to announce the SUGER + INK Podcast is available to download in iTunes or via Soundcloud now. YAY. Pop over to our website for direct links or search for us on either app.

And umm, did I mention I’m excited!?

Because I am ridiculously excited.

Sarama from Blonde Ink and I have now recorded five episodes, three of which are available now. Right this very second! We have learnt so much about the whole process (me getting a microphone certainly helped!). Enjoy those and make sure you hang in there with us, I promise you we are hitting our stride.

Through our introduction and first two episodes, I had virtually no voice from a lingering cough and cold. Plus, well I’m the culprit again, we had some sound issues with feedback and echoes and things like that. But Samara has done a wonderful job of editing together our tracks and making it one hundred percent listenable.

But done is better than perfect, and I think this is the conversation that plus size women have been wanting to have. Sharing our take on life, the things no one really talks about. And I for one, can’t wait to get the talking started. So if you want us to cover a subject in an upcoming episode, leave a comment below or email us at hello (at)

Wait, did I mention I was excited!?

Oh. I did.

Nevermind. Haha.



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