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Well good evening Sugers and welcome to the event you have ALL been waiting for. Or are sick to death of by now, I’m not sure. The launch of a new slim bristle toothbrush from Colgate Australia prompted me to step out on a rather skinny branch. My video acting début. Many laughs were had all in the name of toothbrushes. And cringing, there was plenty of cringing. For some reason brushing my teeth footage for me means lots of scrunching my face up. Who knew? But first, let me tell you about these brushes!

But first, the nitty-gritty in case it gets lost in translation. Colgate has just launched to the Slim Soft toothbrushes with teeny tiny 1.0mm bristle, which is 17 times slimmer than those of any other ordinary toothbrush, to get in and about all the nooks and cranny’s in your teeth. These brushes also provide up to six times deeper reach. Great news should you like your teeth sparkly clean and have suffered from discomfort when it comes to brushing {not video making, like me}. Excellent! Who doesn’t love all of that.

So a big thank you to Colgate Australia for this opportunity to make an absolute fool of myself on the interwebs. And to you guys reading, you lot had better buy some toothbrushes, that’s all I’m saying! The things I do for you. Haha. I really wish you could have seen how it looked as an idea in my head… The reality is just not as much fun. Isn’t that always the way!

To find out more information on the brushes pop over to the website or join the conversation at the Colgate Facebook page. Colgate Slim Soft is available at Woolworths, Coles and Priceline for $3.99 and $6.99* (RRP), for a 1 pack and 2 pack respectively.

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