So here I am. The morning after the night before. I was weighed in last night. It was a bit of a shock compared to my obviously broken’ish home scales. One heck of a starting weight, that’s for sure. I’m putting it out of my mind and simultaneously using it to push toward my first goal of 10kg. I was told to make sure I had a starting photo. I laughed that I had more than most on my blog. The suggested taking some time to plan my goals and share them with those I care about. So here we are. Next I sat down for the meeting after my brief introduction and really enjoyed the friendly banter between participants and the leader.

We talked about social events and how often they revolve around food. It got me to thinking, that yeah, that’s about right. Hi friend, would you like to go for coffee/lunch/dinner/have wine/come over for a BBQ/eat snacks while watching a movie with me. I nodded along as I looked around the room at the variety of women in the room. I’d seen one guy pop in for weigh in, but he couldn’t stay. We had all experienced different things but the message was the same; don’t eat mindlessly and set yourself up to win.

It’s the setting yourself up to win bit that takes time and thought and consideration. I think. What will I have for breakfast when I leave {usually almost late} for work? What will I snack on during the day at the office? How can I use my allotted points during the day without going hungry? It’s a puzzle of sorts that the ladies were more than happy to answer. I jotted down notes like a good student and started to form ideas for the upcoming week.

They were also happy to listen. Weight Watchers is all about everything in moderation. We all know I am sugar-free. So when they talked about swapping to low-fat products I declined the request. No thank you, I said, I’d rather have full fat and pay the price with points. No problem said my leader. When it came to fruit being free, I mentally decided to keep to my 1-2 serves max per day rather than the loose guideline given of less than 5. All very possible. All welcomed by the leader who encouraged me to make my own plan.

I like it so far. I feel motivated to succeed. 10kg is in my sight.

Let’s do this thing.

{This is not a sponsored post. Weight Watchers have given me a 6 month trial of the program including all online tools & meetings as per my disclosure policy.}
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