Colour Me There

{formally LilMagoolie,com} Bright colourful and packed with cool stuff. Plus she lives in Brisbane. Bonus cool points. Maddie was one of the guest speakers at the Say Hello Workshop. That cool pic above {which is printed ready to hang on my wall} is hers. A free printable on her sight.

Oatmeal Comics

Comics that make you laugh and snigger, but especially learn to spell. My friend Jo first alerted me to the awesome that is Oatmeal when I was ongoingly and repeatedly dealing with a total THEN/THAN fail {it still happens sometimes, sigh}.


What can I say, this woman is a resource. Need something, anything, it’s here.


From the woman who brought you that thing where people dance behind people without them knowing, sort of like Hamish & Andy’s ghosting, but funnier. Perfect for funny signs, professional photos plus guest videos and more. Rocking the interwebs Ellen.

Erin Bradley Designs

A gorgeous site full of cute printables and downloads. A must see. Sometimes I just head over and flick through her galleries even though I’ve seen them all before. Bright, pretty fun.

Natalie Dee

I imagine in real life Natalie Dee would be a lot like Zooey D’s character in New Girl. But she draws instead of teaching kids. You know? I spend ages, sometimes hours, clicking shuffle on her cartoons. She also sells t-shirts. BUT I can never decide which one to get.


Where do you go for a little Internet sunshine?


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