I was talking to my friend today as we loitered the seriously under air conditioned shopping centre today. I happened to mention the champagne flutes we purchased for the wedding and how Hubby hadn’t even used it. He was drinking more manly drinks. you know how it is. Grunt grunt. And I joked that I could write a whole list of useless stuff people say you NEED for your wedding but you really don’t. 
And here it is;

  • As I said above… Matching his and hers champagne flutes or similar. You won’t use them and in the future they will only cause arguments as one of you drunkenly knocks one off the kitchen bench, shattering it and thus destroying all memory keeping purposes that it serves. That last bit, that could just be us.
  • Matching fancy cars. Seriously, unless you are car crazy or your Hubby to be is, it’s a waste. Get someone you know with a comfy car to drive. They feel included and special and you get a free ride. After all you are in it for virtually no time at all. 
  • A cake! We did the whole cutting of the cake thing and then the servers forgot to cut it up and serve it. I ended up with three tiers of wedding cake in my kitchen. So no matter what they say, don’t think anyone will notice if there is no cake served. Anything to cut for photos will work.
  • A veil. I had a lace coat {winter wedding} and ended up opting out of the veil. But if I had a dollar for every time I was told I wouldn’t feel like a bride until I had a veil, I could have paid for four weddings. Big ones. And really, to charge what they charge for a bit of netting is crazy if you really aren’t into it.
  • Bridesmaids or Groomsmen, Flower Girls or Page Boys. All lovely and I adore the one’s I had but seriously, you don’t need any of them. I had four maids, four men and 2 flower girls. What an entourage. I imagine how lovely it would be to have just our Mums or Dads sign as witnesses. Or even paste a lucky ticket under a pew! Ha. that would be fun. Could the guests please reach below their seat, if there is a lucky ticket there you are now our witness, congrats, come on up! 
  • A bar tab. Your guests, if they are so inclined, will get slizzered whether you help them out or not. And worse, if you pay for too much you could end up with one of your cousins spitting beer like a fountain over other guests. I’m not saying I did. But it could happen. Trust me on this one! 
So there you go. My very informative list of useless wedding things. Take it or leave it. Mostly it was just fun to write. And to have a bit of a laugh at old wedding flashbacks. Reading it back now, I think the moral is you really don’t NEED anything, unless it matters to YOU. Otherwise it’s pointless and a waste of cash. 
Ahhh, if only I had been this frugal when I was actually planning my wedding!

Edited to add – For more wonderful items check out the comment from Allie popping over from In a Beautiful Pea Green Boat
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