Tuesday after the Beautiful You spa day I was still rocking my blow wave {on its last legs} and was all dressed up with nowhere but work to go. So I promised Hubby a frozen coke if we could just grab some photos. I look as tired as I am and I’ve ditched the long line cardigan I had on for the majority of the day. But this is over the top work style. In my office anyway. The blue with the bold stripes makes it a bit much. It is pretty corporate here after all.

But I do like to flaunt the rules!

So here’s the thing, I’m not totally sold on this ASOS top. It’s completely different to the ones I’ve picked up before in that it’s a relaxed fit jersey sort of material. That’s not a bad thing in itself, but the combination of the stretch, the stripes and the lines going every which way, well, it’s just something… You know? But goodness sake, don’t tell the stripe brigade that, they’ll use it against me. Ha!

So there you go, another work combo {hence the ever practical Evans supersoft heels} with a bit of a twist. Sometimes it’s fun to try something new. And sometimes it’s fun to party all weekend and not wash your hair for a couple of hairs… One is much better for you then the other. You pick.

ASOS stripe peplum virtu pencil skirt plus size-5

Top – ASOS Curve {sold out}
Skirt – Virtu {2012}
Belt – From another dress
Shoes – Evans {similar}

ASOS stripe peplum virtu pencil skirt plus size-6

Ha! Check out my creeper face. 

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