There is nothing better in my mind than a maxi dress that pretty much reaches the floor. It hardly ever happens for me. Sometimes I find a skirt that I can drop far enough on my hips to make it work. But dresses, never! Then I spotted this one of the SALE rack at Target while shopping with my sister. I didn’t even have any money on me, she had to buy it for me. Luckily it was only $23 BUCKS. I really am a tight ass, aren’t I?

This style of maxi is my favourite thing in the world when it comes to summer. The short sleeves and the length, the light material and the stripes {of course}. First it was the Benita Maxi from Virtu {shown here – excuse the compressed images} and this is a great next addition. The Benita is a navy and white teeny stripe that I’ve worn everywhere from work to the beach. So short version, I’m looking forward to adding to the roster. I can see this dress being in very high rotation.

Do you ever have those days when your bun escapes and blows in the wind, you drip melted cheese from your sandwich on your dress before you photograph it and you look half asleep even though you’ve been awake for hours? Or is it just me? It’s probably just me. Because ALL that stuff and more this lazy Sunday. Luckily I had written loads that day, drank my fill of coffee and my hubby was home and ready to cozy up on the couch. What’s a little melted cheese compared to that? Nothing I tell you. Nothing at all.

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get a long maxi when you’re almost 6 foot tall?

It’s hard.

Dress – Target
All other times – BigW

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