Well of course we are! The plaid shirt or vest is essential this winter. Absolutely. I still remember seeing it appear online and in shows and thinking I’m not so sure about this. It reminds me of grunge nineties hair {not a good thing} and boys who smell like sweat and cigarettes {sort of a good thing} but mostly it reminds me of the time when I used to throw a shirt over my swimmers and just hang around home as a kid. Ahhh plaid, you delicious sensory thing you.

I’m pro-plaid. In case you didn’t guess.

By a happy accident this outfit came together out of the need to start sharing hangers in my wardrobe. Seriously, it’s pretty much time for a clean out again already. I was throwing jackets and vests over the top of dresses to double up. This vest with that Harlow dress? What a win. I added the knot at the waist later to make some shape and because it was too hot for a denim jacket. I would expect to see it with the jacket in a few months if I were you. Try not to be surprised.

plus size navy dress + red plaid outfit-6 plus size navy dress + red plaid outfit-9

plus size navy dress + red plaid outfit-1-2 plus size navy dress + red plaid outfit-10 plus size navy dress + red plaid outfit-5 plus size navy dress + red plaid outfit-11

plus size navy dress + red plaid outfit-2-2

Greatest Love of All Dress {ink} – Harlow Australia {gifted}
Sleeveless Shirt worn as Vest – Forever 21+
Wedges – Emerson for BigW
Necklace {made from various} – Diva


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