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We haven’t had a steal her style post in a while so why not jump right back in with HIPSTER. I promised this one a while back because it is just such a fun, easy style to wear especially in the cooler months. And yes I know, there are various hipster types out there right now debating about whether or not I have lost my mind because hipster isn’t a style, it’s a way of life, man.

And no I didn’t deliberately try to confuse hipster and hippie with that man thing, that just happened.

It’s true. Hipster is just as much about the music you like, the cats you own and the large tortoise-shell rimmed glasses you own as it is about the clothes you wear. BUT that’s never stopped me before. We did the 90’s remember? And don’t forget the most recent, the Maleficent one with all its emo black goodness. They gave you the vibe without having to resort to full-scale immersion and this is the same.

Those hipster kids have taught us all a thing or two about layering, being unique and the power of prescription-free glasses, so get comfortable, maybe pull out your woolen knitted grandma throw and settle in.

Let’s talk hipster style.

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For me hipster is all about the layering, the tights, the quirky vintage feel and the hats. While the hats themselves have decades they reflect it was really those hipster kids that bought them cruising back into fashion, then the boho folks up the ante with a large, floppier version and the rest is history. Anywaaaay. As you can see from my collection this look will have you rocking the coloured tights and cardigan like no ones business. Layer up and up and up.

For me this look is about tan and chambray, about chunky knits that have a vague grandpa smell and those bags you can only ever find in op-shops these days. Colour match them or colour clash them, it doesn’t matter. This look is really all about finding an item you love, then another one, then one more and putting them all together and calling it a day.  It’s about cuffed sleeves and comfy boots. It’s about shouting to the world who you are.

Images sourced from my blog, here, here, here and here

Are you ready to shop the style?

Steal Her Style - plus size Hipster Shopping

1. Cut Out Knit  2. Long Line Everyday Cardigan 3. Tartan Check Leggings
4. V-Neck Button Up Cardigan 5. Plaid Skirt 6. High-Waisted Skinny Jeans
7. Citrus Hammered Crepe Pants 8. Floral Skater Dress 9. Monochrome Skort


So off you go my hipster friends but before you do, tell me your most loved hipster icon?
Is it Taylor Swift? Mine is Taylor Swift. Haha. 

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