Welcome back! So as we saw in last week’s Steal Her Style: Aussie Curves post that there is a lot of great style action going on around these here parts. So much so that I decided heck, why don’t I do a second part and show off some more local style. This week I’ve also put together a shopping board of specific, and oh so awesome, pieces I am lusting over from the brands mentioned last week. The ladies are really showing off all that is fun, unique and awesome about us here down under and I’m glad to call myself one of them!


Aussie Curves Collage 01



Welcome welcome to a board that I’ve been dying to put together for a while. A board of items that are on my wishlist, my must have list, my pretty please can I have them household budget list. Some have been there awhile, some I’ve added recently, but all are personally given the thumbs up from yours truly. Make sure you tell me if you own them how the fit is and if I need to order my regular size or what. You know. Just incase. Lots of great new season looks, fun styles and every single one of them {except maybe the chambray pants} will absolutely be a piece you’ll have in five years and be glad you own it.

Steal Her Style Shopping: Aussie Curves

1. Slouch Pants 2. Chiffon Dress 3. Wrap Skirt 4. Chambray Dress
5. Chambray Slouch Pants 6. Print Wrap Dress 7. Gold BodyCon Dress
8. Floral Shirt 9. Spot Blouse {Pants, coming soon} 10. Shirt Dress

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